The Internal Map for Healing

Every single one of us is miraculously designed and programmed to heal ourselves. Science methodology and ancient wisdom both attest to this. The entire scope of this design and internal map that points the way to where and what needs healing cannot be fully known by the human mind but, the energy that we are and exist in in quantum reality, does know. It is within this field we can meet ourselves to delve deep and find resolution in order for necessary shifts to happen on our lives. In fact, it is essential if we truly want to heal and transform our lives.

Therapists, coaches, healers, holistic teachers, plant medicine and any authentic healing modality are beautiful ways to guide a person for emotional processing and release. The trap we fall in is thinking and unconsciously believing that those facilitators and modalities will take away our grief and pain and ultimately fix us. The only person who can heal us is ourselves. Healing facilitators of any kind and modalities point the way in the darkness when we can’t find our way. The insight that comes form them are profound and definitely provide direction so we can start to find our way back to the light. I can personally vouch for this, and I am deeply grateful to my healing mentors and my journeys in meditation, breathwork and plant medicine for revealing the deeper magic of this inner map within us and what I personally need to heal and let go of.

Everything in this Universe is consciousness and energy. We are energy in the quantum energy field and energy in the physical body therefore we exist in two realms. The quantum energy realm where everything is connected to everything else and as a result one with everything. The second realm is our existence as light energy repackaged as matter – the physical human body – having an individual experience in the realm of pacha – time and space – where everything is experienced as separate.

Our physical body has a bio field. This is the collective field containing all the different individual energies emitted by the body. The energy centres or chakras constitute the bio energetic body, and they are the organs of the luminous body and organize our life force energy. Chakra medicine comes from the Tantra history of Yoga. Tantra means ‘weaving’. In relation to the Chakra system, it is the weaving together of polarities. These polarities are the masculine and feminine, the mind and the body, heaven and earth. One can view the chakra system as the energetic map for polarity integration and a map for where we need to focus our healing.

It has been medically and scientifically proven that thoughts and feelings are vibrations of energy and have a direct impact and effect on our health and our lives. In fact, barring poisons & toxins, all illnesses, ailments and dis-eases are a physical manifestation of blocked, repressed and unhealed emotional and psychological issues.

In our bio energetic system, (chakras), lies the energetic true origin of physical illness and disease. This is what needs to be addressed, felt, dealt with and released in order for comprehensive evidence of fundamental healing. This is why the chakra system is defined as our energy blueprint. When we maintain a healthy energy blueprint we manifest abundant health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Part of our healing process is to have an emotional cleansing and release of suppressed emotions within the chakra system.

I have been on a transformational journey since 2006 when I started my Yoga teacher training and completed various trainings over the years. I learnt about the chakras and this system has always been a topic of interest and fascination for me. Over the years there’s been this gnawing vibration to explore it further and deeper. I find immense joy helping others and seeing their transformation through my facilitation, but it doesn’t serve my deeper transformation if I don’t meet my shadows with the healing tools I have learnt over the years. In fact, we need to teach what we most need to learn.

The past two and half years have definitely capitulated me into a deep dive inner search for my wounding. Every energy healing session I have had brought to light where my unconscious beliefs of not being capable or worthy enough stemmed from and most importantly, the why? It has been over this time that I understood why there was this nag to dig deeper into the chakras.

So, with self-studying and undergoing a 2-year energy healing course I embarked on the quest to deepen my knowledge of this magical healing system and to apply its miraculous gifts to my clients and most especially, to facilitate my own healing. Understanding which chakras are blocked points the way to what the wounds are, how these wounds drive your thinking and emotions and what truly requires your undivided attention and devotion to experiencing the emotions so you can heal them.
When I learnt that the base chakra is paired with the heart and crown centres, the dots connected for me in the inner search to understand the root cause of my wounding.

The root centre governs belonging, safety, security, support, survival, trust, the right to exist. When this chakra is out of balance we are not grounded, feel stuck, fearful, feel anxious and unsafe, insecure with work, relationships or money, and we often experience frequent illness because the root centre is linked to the immune system as well as depression. The crown chakra is our spiritual connection and consciousness.  When out of balance we experience insomnia, headaches, apathy and our central nervous system is compromised. We experience depression.

The heart centre is the bridge between the lower physical and higher spiritual chakras. The heart centre governs unconditional love for self and for others. When it is overactive it demonstrates as co-dependency. When it is underactive it shows as a closed heart. When out of balance, we can experience asthma and respiratory conditions, depression, shame, anger to self, loss and grief.

The enormity of my grief revealed itself to me in various forms and I realized just how much there is for me to process for many reasons even though I went through much grief and a ‘death’ and rebirth last year, there is more for me to let go of. Loss of ever having my own child. Loss of my livelihood because of Covid last year and still picking up the pieces. Loss of work and a sense of identity and retrieval of my true self once again. Grieving for lack of mental, emotional, financial and even physical support that stems back from childhood and the various traumatic events I experienced through to adulthood. This all created a sense of feeling separate and alone, feeling unsafe, not supported and not fully trusting my heart. Suppressing my emotions tied to these feelings embedded deep within my cellular memory and yearned for an escape, yet I did not allow it out of a false sense of how this would define me. Instead, it manifested as physical pain, compromised immune system and a scarcity mindset demonstrating as financial lack no matter how hard I worked.

I fully understand that everything happens for us and not to us. What I struggled with was feeling that grief was negative and shameful and displayed weakness. I couldn’t show the world my grief because that meant it may shatter the calm and together mould others have of me. I also had to acknowledge to myself that with this grief there is a deeply embedded anger that I have suppressed…. For most of my life. This is toxic because I have not allowed myself to feel and express it. I am a peacekeeper. I absolutely dislike conflict. In fact, when I am confronted with it, my nervous system is deeply traumatized. My grief and anger have shown me that at the core of my wounding is the false belief that I am not safe physically, emotionally and financially and I am alone, separate from belonging and being supported either physically, financially or emotionally, especially by people closest to me. My higher self and compassionate heart know that people can only give you what they were given and cannot give you what you may need at the time if they were never given it previously. So how do I, or you for that matter, turn that around so it no longer perpetuates?

For me it is about processing my grief and anger with understanding, compassion and love. Due to conditioning, I felt grief and anger were shameful and best served hidden. Especially as a Yoga teacher and empath following the path of healing, how could I express my anger and feel so much grief for several things in my life? Well, as I mentioned before… We need to teach what we most need to learn.

I am learning to allow my grief to be felt as part of my healing and embrace it with compassion and acceptance. It’s been said that grief is an expression of pure love. So, I allow it as an act of self-love thereby recalibrating my heart centre which in turn grounds me in my root centre affirming, I am safe and supported. I am owning that I hold anger within me that needs to be expressed and released in a healthy way and not be ashamed I hold this within me. The more it sits unattended, the more it pollutes my energy body and demonstrates in my physical life. One thing I feel with reverence and absolute certainty is that I am trusting my higher self and that Source is guiding and holding me through this process which I know is at the core of my healing and the key to unlocking the fullest transformation needed for me.

Understanding the energy system of our light bodies has truly opened my eyes to see clearly and my heart to feel properly what lies within my pain body. Without guilt and shame just with love and patience. Sitting with what is and owning it feels liberating. Interestingly, I have also been shown the grief that is yet to come and the gifts that those events will bring me. Sounds strange but the messages from Source were very clear and most importantly, I understand it all serves my highest good while I live in this body.

For now, I need to process the grief and anger in healthy ways. Maybe that means practicing more Yoga or longer meditations, being more in nature, or more tears. Maybe it means expressing it through conversation or writing. Creative expressions are always healthy outlets for blocked emotions. One thing is certain, I cannot keep it hidden or suppressed anymore. I feel it’s the massive piece in the puzzle that has been missing for me to feel safe in every way, to feel supported on every level and to feel part of the whole. The makeup of our energy centres really is the medicine for our healing. We just have to display great courage, be willing to explore and feel what is there, and trust that this energetic system has been divinely designed for us as the internal map for our healing and transformation.

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