“Juanita was wonderful. With her wisdom came a deep calm. Her voice in the feedback sessions carried with it a strong, and gentle, awareness as to my needs. At no time did I feel there was any pressure from Juanita, just a loving, accepting and nurturing supportive network which was open to whatever healing presence was required.

She held the space with a caring yet professional air. Juanita is dialed in and relaxed which helped me access a deeper vibration very quickly. She holds the space with power and knowledge and an air of unbiased acceptance and confidence.

Juanita was a wonderful communicator in terms of the logistics around the sessions and I was always well informed as to the ‘when and the how’ as to what we were doing. She was always available for follow up questions and support.

I cannot recommend Juanita highly enough. She flows, like a forest river, around all the obstacles that might come up and leaves no stone unturned. She is incredibly open minded to what the universe might present. At no time did I hear her take credit for any positive outcomes that came my way as a result of the sessions. For me this is the mark of a true healer.

With deep gratitude, Coci.”

Coci – Cape Town. South Africa.

“Your beautiful energy, compassion and intuition formed a huge part of the transformation process and journey. Thank you for your incredible gift, allowing my new self to emerge.

The efforts you made to assure me that I was loved and safe helped me to overcome my challenges and beliefs around being abandoned. It has truly been a life changing journey. Your unique ability to lead me to deep truths has helped show me a clear path to the truth of who I actually am.

Thank you for always creating a feeling of comfort and peace and security. Thank you for lovingly supporting me and helping me to identify the different ways I can help myself realize my full potential and bring it to reality.

Her inner knowing and wisdom will benefit all who are seeking support and nurturing on the path to healing. Her voice and guidance is encouraging and comforting. Thank you for setting me free and for guiding and helping me restore my nervous system to a balanced state.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia , and the early onset of osteoarthritis. For approximately 8 months now, I have not been on any pharmaceutical medications. My belief is that Juanita, through her healing work, created a feeling of safety in my body, helping me release the pain.

I will remain forever grateful.”

Lee – Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.

“Juanita facilitated making emotional connections to my current physical injuries, which I found fascinating. She assisted in reaffirming aspects of my personal and work life that need addressing as they have been negatively impacting me over the years.

Since the sessions started, I have made some bold changes in my life and I have also changed the way I engage with some of my longstanding clients within my business, for the better.

I feel that my thought process has improved and I have slowly started mindfully strengthening my body. On a whole, the sessions have been extremely beneficial both emotionally and physically.

Juanita is very thorough and explains herself very well. I received both in-person and remote healing sessions. I enjoyed the remote sessions as I found Juanita’s feedback via voice note beneficial because I was able to listen to it in my own time and repeatedly. Every time I relistened, the findings made more and more sense. Each voice note covered a segment of the healing thoroughly. Her explanations of each aspect of the sessions are very clear. Her manner is very attentive, caring and non-judgmental. Juanita is highly professional and I have already referred two friends to her.”

Juan – Cape Town, South Africa.

“The healing was amazing and did everything I wanted it to, and more. I no longer have issues with anxiety or PTSD. The follow up after each distant session was very detailed and Juanita was always so kind and thoughtful.”

Sophie – Cape Town, South Africa.

“I consulted with Juanita for an intuitive coaching session not really knowing what my questions were but feeling some emotional discomfort which had not cleared for some time.

Juanita, in her calm, kind manner, was able to guide me to unlocking the source of my pain, understanding it and then finally clearing it.

I have felt much joy since.

I admire her gift which enables her to empower self healing and her ability to use her gift with deep wisdom and compassion.”

Ashley – Cape Town, South Africa.

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