“I consulted with Juanita for an intuitive coaching session not really knowing what my questions were but feeling some emotional discomfort which had not cleared for some time.

Juanita, in her calm, kind manner, was able to guide me to unlocking the source of my pain, understanding it and then finally clearing it.

I have felt much joy since.

I admire her gift which enables her to empower self healing and her ability to use her gift with deep wisdom and compassion.”

Ashley. Cape Town, South Africa.

“Not everyone is able to intuitively coach because it takes a keen understanding of another, and a special attentiveness…Meet Juanita Caprari, who has facilitated workshops I’ve personally attended before so I know her gentle power. If you are looking for someone who truly sees you, this is for you!”

Salma – Cape Town, South Africa.

“Having never experienced an intuitive therapy session before I was not sure exactly what to expect.

Whereas in the past a therapy session was filled with questions and answers this hour allowed me to go into a deep meditation allowing Juanita’s intuition to guide me.

Her guidance was spot on and exactly what I needed to hear. I highly recommend this gentle and insightful journey with Juanita.” 

Paul Paarman. Cape Town, South Africa.

“Juanita’s Yoga teaching method is unique, in that she focuses her energy and passion on each individual’s needs and wellbeing so that Beginner and Advanced students get equal benefit. Furthermore, she brings to each class a sense of calm and restoration while sharing her wisdom and teaching us practical and effective techniques to be mindful and combat stress.

In the last year of doing weekly classes with her, my body has strengthened, my energy level has increased and I’m sleeping better. Her kindness and strength of spirit radiates from within and I feel honoured to have her as my teacher and highly recommend her.”

Anli. Cape Town, South Africa.

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