Change your focus, change your life!

I wrote in my last blog that once I healed fully from Covid, my life would begin anew, stronger than ever. This year my focus is so attuned to what I desire that I have already seen the evidence of this in my life! Energy truly does flow where our focus goes. This is how we are all neurologically wired and because everything in the Universe is consciousness and energy, such as you and I, and we have the power to weave consciousness, then it stands to reason that whatever we focus our attention on is where the energy goes and what ultimately manifests in our lives in health, in love, in relationships, in business, in finances and in creativity of any level.

My health continues to improve and I am more motivated than ever to be fitter with a daily morning routine of high intensity exercise which is later balanced out with Yoga when I teach in the day. My mind is ever clearer during my meditation practice and, throughout the day it is steadfast in attuning to prioritising, strategising, executing, succeeding and receiving abundance with immense joy and gratitude. This empowered shift in my mindset has deepened my connection to Spirit and in turn, Source has gifted me with deeper intuitive insights that have served my clients in my intuitive coaching practice and myself in my own life.

I have been writing about this in almost every blog in one form or another over the past 3 years and with each blog the resonance of healing and transformation from within becomes stronger. As I’ve transitioned through my own healing journey I have understood the magic of healing in powerful ways through the heart. Previously, through the mind the unfolding has been subtle and looking out to the horizon intuitively knowing change is required, change is somewhat nearer yet somehow not seeing the constant demonstration of the desired change in my physical world. The crucial and tangible difference has been courageous action working together with the change in mindset all powerfully integrating into unison with my heart’s vision for my life.

“To eliminate fear you have to develop the habit of courage.”  – Tony Robbins.

How does deliberate, repetitive action serve our focus and energy flow to create the life we dream of? Since we know that everything in our lives is a reflection of a choice we have made then the opposite is true. If we want different results, we need to make different choices. When we make different choices, the only way we’ll see the different results is if we create new actions to support new choices. Just having positive affirmations and visualizing them as a part of our reality only takes us halfway to our goals being manifested, if they do, or perhaps we see glimpses of results. The missing and vital ingredient to ensure our success for healing and transformation of a life we desire is taking action to support the affirmations and visualization. Most of the time the action required takes us out of our comfort zone but the only way to enforce the change we want is to take uncomfortable action with what we desire and who we truly want to be. This action has to be persistent and unfailing. As I mentioned before… Persistence prevails!

“Execution trumps knowledge every day of the week.” – Tony Robbins.

Why is persistence essential for actual evidence of our goals succeeding? Simply because the subconscious mind responds to repetition and takes its instructions from the constant focus that it is vibrating and communicating with the quantum energy web. In return, this quantum web of reality responds and mirrors exactly what the energy state of our subconscious mind is. If we keep practising the same habits, (actions), of the past that support the same story of our past, such as limiting beliefs of scarcity, victimhood, unworthiness etc., we will keep creating the same results. This is the law of attraction. Therefore, the opposite is true. Once again, change the story, (mindset) and support the new story with new actions, (habits) and you will reap the reward of the result you want.

This works hand in hand to provide a wealth of support for the healing of limiting beliefs caused by deep wounding and guides our transition to become the person we are meant to be which is, vibrantly healthy, financially abundant, successful with our unique creative self-expression and fulfilled in love.

My life has begun a new and is stronger than ever and I could not be more excited! Don’t get me wrong, I am not blind to the curveballs life throws and I still have some big challenges to overcome this year to meet the goals I have set. I know fear and adversity will rear their heads to lure me astray but the difference is I am in a more empowered state to deal with them because of the healing I undertake, the tools I have learnt, the continued learning, the discipline and the determination to ensure my new story completely eradicates the old story I was unconsciously operating from. Evidence of my new story has already demonstrated in my life. With the continued alignment of my thoughts, my beliefs and disciplined action, the end result of my goals will be met throughout this year.

“Short steps, long vision.” – Pit Bull.

The journey from our head to our heart is one of the longest ones we undertake in this lifetime. The choice to change our old mindset and choose the radical self-discipline to rewire our brain to a new mindset is the most significant decision we can make if we want to return to our heart and live the life we desire. The heart knows what we desire. The heart knows who we truly are. The mind knows who we were.  Choose change. You have the courage. You always have. Change your focus and change your life!

“Why dream it when you can live it.”

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