Highly Skilled in Intuitive Coaching, Yoga Teaching, Healing, Wellness and Stress Management.

Strong community and social services professional passionate about facilitating healing based on a much deeper conscious level empowering individuals’ journey back to wellness, wholeness and, in essence, living their true potential in life.





Intuitive Coaching:

Create Your Destiny Course 2020 from The Natural Success Academy.

Create Your Destiny is based on a Foundation Level Training In Accessing and Working With One’s Superconscious Creative Genius.

Training included:
* Creative Consciousness
* High-Level Intuition
* Dysfunctional Belief System Education
* Advanced Self Awareness
* Positive Mindset Activation
* Mechanics of Manifesting
* Superconscious Creative Dynamics
* Evolved Visioning Techniques
* Empowered Choice Making


2002: Juanita started her Yoga practice with Iyengar Yoga.

2006: Completed a two-year Teacher Training course at The Centre Yoga Meditation

200hr TTC and 2007: 270hr TTC

2009: Completed a one year 200hr Teacher Training course at Ananda Kutir Ashram, which follows the teaching of Sivananda Integral Yoga and is registered with the Africa Yoga Federation.

2010: Completed a post-graduate and a master course at Ananda Kutir Ashram.

2013: Juanita completed a 75hr advanced teacher training module and retreat in Rishikesh, India with Jim Harrington.

Yoga workshops:


Yoga Awakening Africa: Chaitanyananda and Sangeeta of Satyananda Yoga School

Ancient Practice for Modern Lives with Jim Harrington

Yoga Awakening Africa Workshop with Brigitta Tummon


Yoga Awakening Africa Workshop with Brett Wearne

Art of Living Part 1 Course by Art of Living Foundation

Anatomy Re-defined Workshop with Jim Harrington


Yoga Retreat in Cederberg, Cape Town with Jim Harrington & Aditi M. Gaur from Mumbai, India

Prana Vidya Workshop in Cape Town, with Aditi M. Gaur from Mumbai India

Spinal, Arms & Legs Workshops in Cape Town, with Simon Borg-Olivier, founder & co-director of Yoga Synergy.

PR & Marketing:

A certificate with distinction in the Basic Principles of Public Relations from the Public Relations Institute of South Africa.

Tertiary Education:

A Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in French and Italian from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Thanks to her Public Relations studies and experience, Juanita discovered a love for creative writing and after editing a book on Yoga in 2007, she has continued her love for written expression by composing newsletters and articles featuring various industries from jewellery, tourism, Yoga, to topics she resonates with the most – energy medicine and self-transformation through healing from the heart and returning back to self-love.


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