What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic, natural, safe and non-invasive treatment to promote self healing and overall well-being in a person. The aim is to create healing, balancing and alignment of the energy centers located in the endocrine system and the energy field connected to the physical body.

Our triggers are invitations to deeper levels of healing. Trauma causes blockages in our energy body and energy field, which ultimately manifest as a myriad of either physical, mental or emotional conditions, or a combination of these.

Energy healing looks beyond the physical body, to the subtle layers i.e., energy centers, meridians and the subtle energy bodies that make up our electromagnetic field, to heal and clear those blockages.

The map to navigate the root cause of any of these issues lies within the energy fields of our physical body.

Disclaimer: Energy Healing does not claim to diagnose, mitigate or cure any dis-ease or condition. Energy healing is complimentary to western medicine and not a substitute for orthodox medical treatment.

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