Dare to Thrive

We truly are an energetic match for what ever and who ever lands in our life! I previously wrote about our inner map for healing which is our bio energetic or chakra system. In our energy centres, lies the energetic true origin of physical illness and disease. This is what needs to be addressed, felt, dealt with and released in order for comprehensive evidence of fundamental healing. When we maintain a healthy energy blueprint we manifest abundant health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and, likewise, we manifest abundance in business and in relationships. Part of our healing process is to have an emotional cleansing and release of suppressed emotions within the chakra system.

This is the way we upgrade the quality of our energy field. This is the difference between attracting the same dysfunctional life patterns or attracting a life of value and worth. This is the difference between surviving and thriving.

Since everything in the Universe is consciousness and energy, including ourselves, we can transform this vibration of surviving to thriving, it is in our capacity to do so and, most importantly, it is the gift we have as human beings, the choice to choose. Choose to suffer or choose to let go. Choose to survive or choose to thrive.

Making the choice is easy. All it requires is our participation. The hard work lies in radical self-discipline to operate from a place of empowerment and no longer a place of victimhood. The self-discipline required is to change the internal programming of the subconscious mind from limiting beliefs and old constructs that keep us small and fearful, to ones that serve our heart and Soul’s truth in love and wisdom and, enable us to be the master orchestrator of our life despite the fear that may grip us internally. The radical self-discipline is to show up even when we want to give up so we can change the old programming. Changing the old program to a new empowered program requires repetition of new supporting habits.

Our heart and Soul’s highest wisdom are our intuition, it always serves our highest well-being. It will always tell us what to do, it will never tell us what not to do. The truth of our inner voice, our internal guide cannot be analyzed by the logical mind. Often, the voice of our heart does not make sense to the logical mind… That is why it is the truth. The logical mind is reason and doubt. It pulls analysis and reasoning from association of events and feelings of the past. It becomes anxious when thinking of the future because it does not yet have proof. The logical mind needs proof.

Intuition exists in the present moment. It is not influenced by the past or the future. It is the truth of what is and where we are. Intuition does not need proof and cannot be explained by science methodology. All it requires is trust. Trust in self and trust in the Highest Source that exists.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are energy in the quantum energy field and energy in the physical body therefore we exist in two realms. As one of my favourite mentors and experts in this field, Dr. Joe Dispenza states,
“All things material come from the invisible field of the immaterial, beyond space and time.”

In the physical experience we choose to experience suffering over and over again thinking it is normal and we don’t have a choice. Far from it, pain in the physical existence is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Again, this internal map we have for inner healing, the chakra system, is our guide to release the suffering, to move through the pain and to experience the manifested life we want.
It is not to dismiss the trauma or pain that created emotional wounding and psychological scarring. It is to feel it in order to heal it. The only way out of it is though it. To do so mindfully, compassionately and in a healthy way. Then to change the way we speak, act, and live so that it is from the healed part of ourselves and no longer from the suffering, stuck part of ourselves.

We work through the energy system, the invisible field, to reclaim those lost parts of ourselves. From the physical energy centres of the root, sacral and solar plexus we reclaim our right to belong, to feel safe physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, to feel supported physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, we reclaim the sacred joy to feel connected. We reclaim our self-worth, self-confidence, self-appreciation, and self-love. We reclaim by feeling the pain and letting it go.

Healing and reclaiming lost parts of ourselves happens in an upward liberation current in our energy system and it is the path for healing and higher consciousness. This is the current of energy where we liberate ourselves from blocked and stuck pieces of unresolved emotional and psychological issues.

If we choose to stay there, we choose suffering. We stay in the loop of constantly transferring the same energy into our health, work and relationships and wonder why dynamics don’t change. What we don’t transform, we transfer.

If we choose the self-discipline to reprogram the subconscious mind and choose to speak, act and live differently with different supporting habits on a daily basis, we choose freedom from suffering and we choose a new paradigm of living from our truth, from our heart and trusting we are supported, and we will succeed no matter what tests or challenges arise.

The conscious repeated effort co-creating from the heart, trusting intuition, trusting self and a highest Source brings the energetic desires down from the invisible world, (the quantum field), until it becomes denser and roots itself into the visible world – our physical life.

“If you want to master a habit, the key to start is repetition, not perfection.” ~ James Clear.

This discipline of new thinking and acting is a downward manifesting current of energy and is the path of bringing consciousness down to earth so that the thoughts we have for vibrant health, prosperous work, abundant wealth, and true love become manifest. These thoughts for the vision of our life start in our consciousness and move down until they reach the root place where they become evident in our life. They only become evident when we consciously and willingly choose to work on releasing them from our energy system.

The only way to manifest the life we desire in business, in love, in health and in life is to be an energetic match to it. Operating from a place of self-worth which is our net worth, functioning from a place of self-love which mirrors our love worth, and moving from a place of self-confidence which validates our authentic personal power and true nature, is how we shift from the old pattern of surviving to the new paradigm of thriving!

All of this has its foundation in trusting our intuition, knowing we have the internal map to guide us and trusting the Universe supports and creates with us. It always supports us; it always gives us what we are energetically vibrating. It responds to the repeated vibration of your subconscious mind which has been filtered by the vibration of your energy centres, thoughts and feelings.

This shift to feel, heal, transform and thrive takes courage and trust. It is completely available to us. It will take us out of our comfort zone but often the Universe has to make us uncomfortable otherwise we will never take action to change. The call to trust our path of healing, our intuition and faith in the Universe when we take a leap of faith into the new, is a courageous dare to be unshackled from the past and, unapologetically live our truth because it is only from that place that we can thrive, and the Universe will respond in equal and abundant measure.

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