Chakra Balance

Our physical body has a bio field. This is the collective field containing all the different individual energies emitted by the body. These individual energies are emitted from every single cell, atom, molecule, organ, nerve and physiological system.

The energy centers of information, or Chakras, constitute the bio energetic body and run from the base of the spine up through to the crown of the head, and beyond. This form of energy healing works with the 12 Chakra system.

The 7 main Chakras are located within the endocrine system of the physical body. The Chakra system constitutes the organs of the luminous body that organize our life force energy.

Our energetic body consists of astral channels that exist in the body through which Prana /Chi or Life Force Energy travels.

Optimum functioning and balanced energy centers occur when this energy flows freely with ease through the Chakras and astral channels.

The aim of Chakra balance healing is to create healing, balancing and alignment of the energy centers to heal and remove blockages.

Divine Universal energy of love and light is channeled through the hands and heart of the healer to the client’s chakras to facilitate this process and promote self healing for the client.

Aura (Energy Field) Clearing

Within our entire bio field we also have 4 subtle energy bodies that are seen as layers or sheaths of the true self. These subtle bodies are:

•             The Physical subtle energy body known as the Etheric Body.

•             The Emotional subtle energy body known as the Astral Body.

•             The Mental subtle energy body.

•             The Spiritual subtle energy body.

The subtle energy bodies constitute what is known as our Aura and is the energy field around the physical body of every living thing from plants, trees, animals to humans.

All these subtle bodies are interconnected with each other and are not separate from each other or the physical body. It is often referred to as the rainbow body, light body or luminous body.

The aura is electromagnetic and changes constantly according to environmental changes, thoughts, moods and emotions.

Our aura, transmits, receives, attracts, repels energy. It expands and contracts therefore changing size and colour depending on what it receives and is experiencing.

The aim of Auric Field clearing is to channel healing energy to ‘sweep’ the energy through each subtle energy body to remove blockages, low vibration or negative energy, and / or any energetic attachments from the auric field.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is energy healing done remotely when the healer is not in the physical presence of the client.

The client does not need to be online with the healer. Healing is done through attunement into the energy field and visualization.

All that is required is permission from the client to do a distant healing at a convenient time.

In Person Healing

In person or contact healing is energy healing done in the presence of the client.

The healers hands are usually held away from the body during the channeling of Divine Universal healing energy.

Contact with the client’s body is for grounding purposes at the shoulders, hips, knees and feet, and only with the permission of the client.

Interactive Healing

Interactive healing is led by the client and facilitated by the healer.

The healer attunes into the energy of the client and intuitively senses where to work or what aspect of healing is needed for the client in the session.

The healer holds a safe space for the client, assisting to clear and heal the issue through the client’s participation.

This is a profound and powerful healing session where any aspect of healing can be addressed e.g. a chakra, aura layer, spirit release, Soul retrieval, ancestral healing, medical intuition, inner child work, or an emotional issue.

Cord Cutting

Cords may be positive or negative. Positive cords are natural and healthy.

Cord cutting is a healing technique that disconnects the client from negative energetic links to either another person, a fractured part of self, an animal, object, situation or negative thought form.

The negative invisible connection may drain a person’s energy, create negative thoughts and feelings or cause illness.

Cord cutting does not harm the person or anyone associated with the cord. It simply releases the client from negative entanglement, in order to feel better and live more productively.

Cord cutting does not stop unconditional love or harm relationships. It enables more freedom and feelings of empowerment for the client.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval involves reclaiming a fragmented part of the client’s soul that disconnected due to a traumatic event in the individual’s life, whether it was pre-birth, from birth, childhood or any time in the course of the person’s existence.

This leads to ‘soul loss’ which may result in the client feeling a part of them has been lost, and as a result unresolved healing resides within the person.

During an interactive session, the client is facilitated safely by the healer to reconnect with that lost part, establish what the needs are, and, after guided healing questions, the healer invites that fragmented part back into the client’s life for reintegration and a return to wholeness.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing refers to any person in our parental lineage that has come before us as well as generations that follow us.

We are affected positively and negatively by our lineage. Negative entanglements may feature as unhealthy patterns or behaviours such as mental health, physical conditions or addiction to name a few.

Through an interactive healing session, the client is guided to reconnect with a past ancestor to bring about healing, understanding, release, acceptance, and reconciliation for their life.


Please note: Confidentiality between the client and the healer is of utmost priority.

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