Intuitive Coaching Flyer August 2021 Brunette lights

By tuning into the client’s energy, with special emphasis on heart-connected emotional and spiritual healing that reveals the person’s truth, my intention as an intuitive coach is to provide information that will empower the individual’s inner healing journey and empower the transformation to create the desired goals in life.

By revealing the creative genius within as well as the unconscious egoic identity belief system, the unveiled truth provides invaluable guidance for structural goals to follow to support a life back to wholeness.

An intuitive coach is a professional who can, in effect, help to release blockages that keep a client from moving forward in life because the focus is based on a much deeper conscious level thereby enabling the person to shift their power from previously held limiting patterns expressing wounds to living a life that is an expression of the person’s highest potential.


HeartWorks with Juanita Yoga Flyer November 2020





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