The Gift of Patience

Patience is a virtue…We’ve heard this many times during our lifetime. Have we truly come to grips with its value and the gift it brings? This year of low vibration pandemic frequency has brought the world to a standstill and evoked a plethora of emotions, changes and endurance.

Endurance to go with the irrevocable change forced upon us and endurance of patience. Whether willingly or not, whether peacefully or not, whether naturally or not, to be patient.

Patient to see our life unfold whilst we transition through the mayhem and the noise consuming the world. Most importantly, patient with the clearing out of all the old baggage in our cellular memory as we embark on the new adventure that we’ve been called to endeavour on if that is the choice we have made whilst all of the external upheavals continue to play out in the external environment.

Ultimately through all of this, the power remains within us to make the choice. Return to the old life of limiting patterns falsely believing we are safe and fulfilling our purpose, or to venture into a different direction that offers freedom of expressing our true potential and fearlessly living our dreams despite convention?

My prayer is that you all choose the latter… For your life to be a courageous true reflection of your heart’s desires. Even this brave and beautiful transformation requires patience. There are decades, if not lifetimes, of unconscious belief systems and emotional traumas that need to be processed from the blueprint of your being. With heartfelt intent, faith and exercising our will, which is committed action, we can process, we can heal, we can grow, we can rise and we can transform. This requires patience.

“Nobody changes until they change their energy. When you change your energy, you change your life.” ~ Dr Joe Dispenza.

Our ego wants the desired change to happen when we command. When it doesn’t we become trapped in the limiting mind-set, in the mortal mind instead of being guided by our spiritual faculty which is our intuition and superconscious awareness, remaining patient that, what we intend with love, gratitude and faithful action, will guide us to living our destiny in the right time that is divinely timed for us.

Faith is an effort of the will. Fear is faith inverted. If we believe in a consciousness that is of the fourth dimension – the world of wonder, awe and magic – but we doubt our own potential then how can we honestly say we believe in a higher power that is Source, Infinite Spirit or God? This is a complete contradiction as it means we do not believe in an Infinite Source simply because Infinite Spirit exists in every living form experiencing life as an individual experience and that includes the human form…How else would we exist?!

Essentially we are Infinite Consciousness having a human experience. Therefore it is essential that we have faith in our own self! That we believe in our own potential. That we trust our gifts, talents, skills. That we trust our heart’s wisdom despite the noise from the reasoning mind. Intellectual knowledge of the truth, the reasoning mind that is filled with doubt and fear, will not bring you the results your true nature desires. It is essential that we trust our inner guidance or intuition for it is of a spiritual nature and does not aim to make sense, it merely points the way. It is our unerring guide! So be patient with your transition. Metaphysical wisdom shared by a renowned spiritual teacher, Florence Scovel Shinn, teaches us that if we try to force the demonstration of our transformation through the reasoning mind, we will bring it to a standstill. We should only act through intuition and definite leads and this requires trusting our inner wisdom and being patient with the journey of demonstration.

So as we emerge from the ashes into our new life serving our highest good, let us remember that fearless faith – an effort of our capacity to exercise our will, non-resistance and love will point us the right way.

I am walking this path too Divine Sisters and Beloved Brothers. We learn and grow together. We share our own unique gifts to support and empower each other along the way. I feel more grateful for the layers that have been shed bringing me closer to the freedom that is my true self-expression. Despite the reasoning mind trying in its survival mode to hold me back with its usual tactics of impatience, false imaginings, doubt and despair during a testing time in my life, I feel more connected to my intuition when I listen to its voice which is the song of my heart and my Soul. I feel the energy shifting in my inner landscape, in my awareness and I am experiencing the positive expectancy of the visions for my new life as if they are real even though they are yet to be visible.

“Everything may seem to be going wrong when, in reality, it is going right… There is no loss in Divine Mind.” ~ Florence Scovel Shinn.

When I feel the despair and impatience creep in, I am fully aware now that I am the one halting the desire from showing up. I am reminded to listen to my heart, not my reasoning mind, and to be patient because what I sense and feel to be my vision, will result in Divine time. Being in this vibration and listening to my inner guide not only calms me but connects me to my authenticity and builds my confidence and inner strength. I have come to understand in its irony that by being patient when the reasoning mind believes it’s been patient long enough, I am in fact drawing my visions closer to me in manifestation. I have come to view the nature of patience in a whole new light and see the beauty of its gift.

So I persevere with love, daily concerted practice of non-resistance and fearless faith to be patient with the tangible evidence of the chosen evolution of my life. I understand that it’s not a destination but a continual journey of evolving and transcending with Divine patience and faith in myself because that faith means I trust in the Divine Plan and I am a willing participant in creating it.

“Fear and impatience demagnetize. Poise magnetizes.” ~ Florence Scovel Shinn.


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