The Essence of Healing.

Last month I wrote about a time to heal. The mysterious ailments that started in March which blood tests could not ascertain or even acknowledge existed within my physical form, yet my body and knew by its Divine intelligence that its innate wisdom is far more accurate than a blood test or two.

Adrenal fatigue and kidney yin energy deficiency together with personal stress triggered shingles. It’s been two months of managing and healing since shingles revealed itself and in this period I realized that the state of my adrenals, kidneys and nervous system has been calling for my attention since last year.

In these past two months I have been blessed with support from incredible human Souls who have provided so much love, healing and valuable wisdom to my journey of healing. In this physical realm of discomfort, weakness, pain and stress, I have had to delve deeper within to truly access the power of healing from the inside because in my heart, I know that is where it all begins.

The words that have been revealed to me with Life Alignment, Kinesiology, Rife and healing sessions with a Shaman, have sparked deep contemplation, meditation, processing and letting go… All related to my adrenals, my kidneys, nervous system, gall bladder, spleen, liver, lungs….. Mostly my solar plexus – my navel or Manipura Chakra – Self-esteem … Self Love… And the penny really drops!

FEAR… Of dying alone and painfully.

HUNGER… For healing and self-love so complete in order to trust my intuition and connect to my Soul.

FORGIVENESS… Of another and… The Universe….I thought it had my back when I asked for protection and even so, I experienced a humiliating, lonely heartache with no support… Even from the Universe I felt abandoned at that point of utter heartache and trauma.

EMPTY… and unfulfilled in relation to certain areas of my work. It was a perfect confirmation of what my heart felt.

RELIABLE… Accountability to myself. I honour myself for being reliable for others when it comes to my work and I am proud of that, but the deep insight that I have not been reliable to myself in honouring the work goals and commitments to my creative gifts, was profound and met with sadness and forgiveness, as well as gratitude for that much needed realization.

MODESTY… For not honouring my magnificence, the gifts I have and the full expression of my gifts. Forgiving my body and my Soul for not expressing and honouring my inner and outer beauty-full-ness. To stop acting small!

PREJUDICE… That others have had towards me from decades past to recent present. Linked to …

MODESTY… Allowing myself to stay small to protect myself from being hurt by those who may feel threatened by the full expression of my gifted Self.

I have experienced profound synchronicities and Divine messages from the Universe through fellow seekers looking for either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing as we experience sacred healing spaces together. The messages have been many but the message resounds loud and clear… SELF-LOVE! My body’s messages have been loud and I finally took notice.

Self-love is massive! Hugely beautiful, immensely difficult to connect with, to remain engaged with and to master. Fear and self-doubt are so easy to connect with – how sad…

My journey the last 5 months has been profound and has me yearning to learn more about healing modalities and energy medicine to continue on my personal healing journey, as well as to hold space for others to heal. Spirit is calling me and I am listening.

There is so much I am learning. There is so much pain. There is so much brokenness in body, mind, heart and spirit. Healing I desperately needed. Love is crying out. The answer has always been there. We’ve heard it, but we don’t listen.  When we are in physical pain our body is sending us a strong message. Pain is only a symptom. We need to heal the underlying  cause not the symptom because once the underlying cause is acknowledged, embraced, dealt with in all its rawness with forgiveness, compassion and love, then the pain will heal. Until then, the symptoms will persist; the body will continue to send us messages with the pain until we truly address what resides beneath it all.

Your body loves you! You can heal. You can love again. You can forgive. You are worthy. All of these statements are absolutely true when you see how beauty-full you are!

When you are ready to see as the seeker, the Universe reveals the miracle that you are beyond your physicality and you bow with reverence and gratitude. You then begin step by step, breath by breath to redefine and to heal the mind and to lead with your heart.

Breath by breath because the breath is who we are in this physical form.

Inspire -> Inhale – The first thing we do when we are born and enter this world.

Expire -> Exhale – The last thing we do when we leave our body and exist this world.

First and last – Breath.

That is what we are!

What do we do with it? We treasure it!

Breath by breath re-member your worth. Embrace your pain. Treat yourself with compassion, forgiveness and patience. Allow the breakdown without guilt and with love.

Breath by breath – love yourself.

Breath by breath – the essence of your being.

Breath by breath – Heal from within.


3 thoughts on “The Essence of Healing.

  1. I am glad you are finding peace and healing. Your writing and thoughts truly resonate. Thank you for sharing your experience here. 🤍


    1. Thank you LaDonna for your beautiful reply. I am grateful my creative expression resonated for you. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I wish you well with your healing journey.

      Liked by 1 person

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