Change the language you speak and start to heal

All of us at some time or another in our lives, whether on the conscious path to positive transformation, or just randomly reading the words somewhere,  have heard that our thoughts and feelings create our own reality and therefore what we manifest is a direct answer to the vibration we project out into the world. Some of us think it and others feel it without any doubt as to its truth.

I have been doing an extensive amount of inner work the past seven years, particularly immersing myself into changing old belief systems and habitual patterns that have not been serving me, have kept me stuck in fear and denying my abundant light to truly shine. Each year has intensified with spiritual tools and energy medicine modalities to assist my journey from fear to fearlessness, from love to unconditional love, from controlled thoughts to surrender…. To feeling my worth, my purpose and the life I deserve to live because it really is all designed to be as I envisage it to be!

I am finally understanding this on an energetic level and not merely rehearsing my intentions on a mental level because without the feeling of my intent, without the trust, without the excitement, without the belief in my intention and in my own beautiful Being….. None of my well-rehearsed intentions will become reality. Nothing will change for the better and nothing changes if nothing changes! The same doubtful, fearful mental thoughts that played on repeat in my mind will continue to sabotage my well-meaning intentions for better health, deeper spiritual connection and financial abundance.

This year of compromised health has been invaluable for my healing inner journey to feel without a doubt that the quality of my thoughts determines the quality of my feelings which determines the quality of my life. I have been blessed with incredible teachings by my Soul tribe of friends and renowned spiritual teachers, to truly allow the positive quality of my thoughts to re-wire the conditioning of my conscious mind to access the positive gifts of my subconscious mind. The subconscious mind always gives you what you feed it with your conscious mind…Always! So you do indeed create your own reality! We are all at different phases of this realization….And we are exactly where we are meant to be….If you want transformation and manifestation in your life, then change the language you speak to yourself and then match that language with the same high vibration feeling! It is as simple as that, despite our conditioned thinking….It is as simple as that. The hard work is doing the work on changing the language you speak to yourself and synchronizing that with the same feeling and emotion. After all, emotion is energy in motion. Therefore whatever energy we put into our emotions will be what we manifest in our everyday life because thoughts influence emotions.  As the teachings of Abraham, (Abraham Hicks), says:

“What can be a greater force of manifestation than your emotions?”

This re-affirms to me that for the healing of our hearts and to live our best life, we need to redefine our mind-set and change the language we speak to our minds and, in turn, to our hearts.

“Ultimately, the world we reflect is all about the love we create and the intent we focus on.” ~ Alberto Villoldo.

I am finally practising this and I have moved from the rehearsed mental intentions coupled with doubt and self-sabotage, to vibrant intentions for my health, wellness and financial success that are matched with positive vibration of self-love, passion to serve others with my healing gifts and gratitude for it all already happening.

A dear friend of mine worded her journey so beautifully because it struck a chord so deep with resonance for my own unfolding:

“ Transformation means dying and being reborn multiple times.” ~ Joy King

Through this intense inner learning of mine it has been very transparent that I needed to shed so many layers of myself and my life to reach this point of clarity. That was terrifying because I thought I would lose all sense of my identity and that everything I worked so hard for and all the pain endured, would have been meaningless. I realized with each courageous step of self-forgiveness and self-love that those thoughts were just an illusion and no truth to that at all. I needed to let those conditioned parts of me die so I could change the language my conscious mind feeds my subconscious mind to direct the energy of my emotions on the same wavelength in order to heal physically, to grow spiritually and to manifest my intentions of abundance.

Dear Friends, this is true for you too. This has been my journey thus far, and I am no different to you…We are all here to walk each other home back to our true selves and manifesting our greatness and the life we deserve. You can begin today to heal your body, to heal your heart, to heal your life to fulfill your dreams by having a different conversation with your mind and your heart… It all starts with changing the language you speak to yourself on a daily basis, no matter what challenges arise, and doing so without reservation. When you do, the shift is undeniable!

“Embrace the fact that you are a miracle. Embrace the fact that you are Divine expressing creation through your intent and your love.”

Yours in healing wholeness,


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