Changing the program to heal your life

The power of the human spirit is phenomenal. We are reminded when we witness others’ struggle or physical challenge and how they rise up beyond expectation. That witnessing instils a surge of inspiration within us to realize we can overcome any obstacle. Others’ triumph over adversity reminds us how great we are yet we tend to forget more than we allow ourselves to remember.
Ego and adversity keep us trapped in the struggle rat race because our ego mind believes it is protecting us by doing what it does to survive. We are held hostage by a familiar program of doubt, mistrust, fear and suffering. Yet we don’t realize it’s a program that keeps us stuck from experiencing our joy and abundance. As I’ve written before, the only force powerful enough to uninstall the program is love.
It’s not a simple task because the program has been running since early childhood – each one of us influenced by different programs but the core factor remains the same – living from the false self. What does it take to realize this? Often it is a tragic loss of some kind, hitting rock bottom, extreme loneliness, persistent sadness or illness. At some point there is a Divine knowing that there is more than the pain, there is more than just running on empty on the ever familiar repetitive program.

That more is your wholeness, complete with self-nurturing and self-love.

Connecting to your wholeness comes from within – from the connection with your heart and all the immense love you carry within – so much of which we hide from others but mostly from ourselves. This love, if we unapologetically allow it, can transcend even the darkest of fears, the emptiness that loneliness occupies and the pain of a broken body and heart.
I’ve come to value my mortality and God given body more and more with each passing month of late. The last 3 months had me experiencing all kinds of mysterious physical ailments over and above the perimenopause that fulfils its natural course in life. Clear results of blood tests failed to explain the physical malaise until adrenal fatigue made it clear to me. The nurturing self-love of my innate knowing should have ruled royal to order time out and rest, but my programming insisted I have to carry on because my livelihood is at stake. So I persist until my body speaks to me loudly and reveals the nerve pain of shingles. Even so I persist because the program of my negative financial situation screams its need for attention. I persist until shingles knocks me down with an excruciating migraine that leaves me begging for mercy…and I’m out for days…

During my persistence to push through I asked my body for forgiveness and I gave it gratitude for staying strong, but knew the message is too strong and my body would be forgiving for only so long. So as I self-love to heal, I reflect on love and on life. I am deeply grateful for the support, love and abundance given to me.
I remain firm in my belief that connection to heart and love can heal anything and expression of love, heart and my unique gifts will claim my abundance. I realize that in the midst of my financial chaos, changes have to be made that require courage and unconditional faith in the Universe and in myself, for after all…I am the Universe in the Universe, as are you.
More than ever, I have to connect to my heart and let love heal and lead the way. My body’s pain has been a strong message, one I’ve been cognitively aware of for some time but did not heed because of my programming.

My heart has been listening, and with each whisper that grows louder, I surrender to the fact that whilst I live and breathe in this body that is Juanita, I have to do what is essential for my healing, preservation and well-being so that I can claim my abundance, live my dream life and always lead with my heart, and not my programming, in order to serve with love.

“When you love yourself and know your worth, there is nothing you cannot do or heal.” ~ Anita Moorjani.

2 thoughts on “Changing the program to heal your life

  1. Just beautiful and so insightful! Thank you🙏


    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! Really appreciate your message!

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