Leading with your heart song

We all read about it, we all hear it in conversation, we’ve been ‘taught’ it in friendship and / or support groups and retreat workshops, that the answers to all our questions lie within us, but, do we truly understand it, and most importantly, do we feel it and truly connect to its source?

Where or what is this ‘within’ us? The answer seems and is so simple… It is the heart! The heart is the essence of our very being and its language is love. Perhaps this sounds so cliché`, you’ve heard it all before….and then,  your life goes on the same way it always does, leading from the head space.  Therein lays the difference to having the knowledge and believing it. Intellectualizing it comes from the mind. Believing it means you feel it from the heart and that particular resonance is one of innate knowing that it is true and no amount of fear or self-doubt can shake your conviction.


The heart and the Soul communicate intrinsically with each other. Your Soul has always known who you truly are, from the moment you were conceived, to birth, to childhood, to adulthood to this moment you sit and read…Your Soul has never changed and it leads with the voice of your heart, it leads with love because love is stronger than any fear. Because love is the highest frequency of energy that exists.  Here’s the secret…..in case you missed it…It’s not about love for each other, your spouse, children, pet , the world….that is just part of it….there exists no love for any of that if there is no communication with your heart and NO love for yourself. Once you authentically resonate with this understanding and allow yourself to feel love for yourself, wounds and all, a magical shift happens in your life. There is clarity, there is lightness, there is joy, there is trust that it is all going to be okay, and there is more love for everything and everyone else. You really cannot give fully to others when you cannot fully give to yourself. You truly cannot unconditionally love others when you have not courageously sat with yourself and expressed love for yourself and all your imperfections, for therein lies the perfection of your true essence.

The sacred shamans have four beautiful questions for seekers searching for answers to their depression, their sorrow, their stuckness, their fear, the blockages that hold people back from living their joy and their purpose:-

“When did you forget to sing?”

“When did you forget to dance?”

“When did you stop to find refuge in silence?”

“When did you stop being enchanted by stories?”

If you are struggling to connect to your heart and to love who you are, ask yourself, when did you stop doing the things that made your heart sing and your Soul happy? Then, when you recollect those things that bring you back to your heart, listen with absolute intent…..because that is the truth. You know it is because you feel it with every ounce of your being how those things fueled your passion and your zest for life. Those are the things your heart and Soul need to reconnect you to your heart and to FEEL love so that you live from your truth and not from whatever it is that disconnects you from your true nature.

It’s a magical revelation when you sit with the profound acceptance and gratitude for who you are and nurture it with equal measure of compassion and love that you freely give to others. It is one thing to give of yourself without expectation but find yourself depleted within and of resources that you are deserving of, it’s a whole other level of being when you love yourself wholly with compassion and gratitude. When you do, you re-member your heart and Soul to yourself and to that place which is the source within you. That is when you genuinely feel with divine clarity that the answers are really there, that you’ve rediscovered those things that make your heart sing and your Soul happy, and you truly live from the heart space.

So, I encourage you to connect with your heart courageously and ask: – “What is my heart song? What makes my heart dance? When does my heart need silence? What stories enchant my heart?”

When those answers reveal themselves, and you feel they are true, know it is the heart that answers with the language of love, and you will find your way back to yourself, because connecting within that sacred space of your heart will always prove to be the guidance you yearn for.





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