The gifts of gratitude.

This past month has been a time of immense synchronicities, blessings, gifts, miracles, difficulty, emotional highs and lows and a deep connection to gratitude.

I would love to describe each event, from the small profound moments to the larger ones in detail, but then I may end up writing a mini novel and in the end, it’s not necessary because at the end of it all, the ending is the same…The blessed realization of just how much I am supported and loved and that expressing gratitude from the heart and Soul teaches you that it there is no greater state of receivership than sincere gratitude itself.

I have been honoured to be gifted an exquisite garden home for a commitment ceremony; delectable treats made with love to celebrate the day; assistance, time, generosity and skill to manifest money from sentimental items into tokens of love and means to pay the rent; a free luxury Yoga weekend retreat at a beach villa in Cape Town in January; almost exactly the right amount of money to secure a 2 night stay at one of our favourite places lovingly gifted and arranged by a group of my beloved Yoga students who also surprised me with an amazing breakfast celebration that blew me away, gifts from Yoga students to express their love and gratitude for my teaching this year and much needed contributions towards my livelihood and personal happiness. I have been graced with numerous visits by Sparrow Hawks and birds of prey to relay a message to me, which became clearer with each passing week and with a sacred ceremony I did with my partner that enabled us to facilitate deep, profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for the courageous participants. I received massive insight from that ceremony about people, about life and about myself – it was a catalyst for what I was already feeling, intense transformation of my being. I continued to be blessed with Sparrow Hawk visits after the event which solidified what I had intuitively felt. The week unfolded with more healing for myself and for others, with more love, with more challenges, with more understanding, with more determination, with more internal power and with the knowledge that the Divine flow of support in words, in gestures, in gifts and in love, are all connected to the true gratitude I felt and expressed daily with everything that transpired and was received, no matter how small or how profound.

Life continues to challenge me in small and big ways, but the wave of gratitude and love I feel from sacred synchronicities of people and events keeps my Spirit strong and my heart singing with overwhelm, awe and humility to realize the light I shine in peoples’ lives has made a difference, and that my light is brighter than what I pay tribute to. I realized it is a dis-service to Spirit / Source / God to deny acknowledgement of my light with reverence and gratitude because that light exists because of Spirit / Source / God.

My heart is full of love and gratitude to every person in my life, especially of late, who have helped me to see my light. It has been a true honour for me to assist them with solutions, with healing, with words, with friendship and with love.

It is December, Christmas and New Year festivities are around the corner, a season to celebrate and be jolly….Some of that joy is authentic, much of it is a mask…hiding what we dare not express or reveal….intense pain and heavy sadness….The joy, the abundance, the company of loved ones can often be cherished fleetingly.

My prayer for you for the festivities and transition into 2019…into any New Year… is to express gratitude from your heart for all you have and all your blessings! The more you think about them, the more you realize how blessed you truly are. I can attest to that personally after an extremely difficult and emotional year. No matter where you are in your life and how you feel about your life, please, unwrap the gift of gratitude during the holidays and throughout your year, for the small things to the most relevant, it is a gift that keeps on giving and its love for you is overflowing.

Yours in Gratitude and Love,



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