Creator of your life!

Whilst listening to a lecture given by Sadhguru during my breakfast ritual, the ever annoying YouTube advert rudely interrupted the wise, serene and witty mystic’s words about one’s perspective on life and my keen attention was drawn to press the skip advert button, which is when I was unintentionally led to see a brief snippet of Jim Kwik, (a renowned leader in speed reading, memory improvement and optimal brain performance), about creativity.

It made instant sense and was a valid and insightful change of perspective on creativity in that he said people assume that if they are not creative, then they cannot create anything but Kwik pointed out that creativity is not something you have….creativity is something you DO, and I thought this analogy applies to almost every aspect of life. It’s not about wishing to have or be something, it’s about doing which will ultimately manifest to be. For the first time ever, I was truly grateful for that rude advert interruption of Sadhguru’s deep insight….It contributed to the already rich wisdom I was listening to.

How often do we attribute a blank canvas to our creativity to statements of creative blocks or to no creative flow?! We’ve all been victims to that sentiment. Yet, that is merely our perception, that is just our way of finding a reason to blame our blankness and lack of flow in life, on something…’I’m just not creative enough, ’ or I’m too stressed, ’ or I just can’t do it.’ When the blank canvas is in fact something we have created ourselves with our own thoughts, feelings, state of health and energy. Nothing else is to blame except ourselves. We are the creators of those very same blocks. How so you may ask? That quote you keep seeing flashing on your Instagram or Facebook feed…”Energy goes where intention goes…” THAT is the very reason for our void, creative or otherwise!

This is the fundamental basis for our life, the question marks pertaining to our lives. That is what the philosophy of Yoga and meditation is about. The ultimate message is that our thoughts create our emotions and our thoughts and emotions create our attitudes, our attitudes create our beliefs and our beliefs create our perceptions. So in essence the reality of the life we live is created by our own beliefs, perceptions, attitudes which stem from our emotions and our thoughts. As many renowned inspirational healers, neuroscientists, coaches and revered yogic gurus, including Sadhguru, teach us; to change our beliefs and perceptions means to change our thoughts and feelings which means to change our state of being.

Yoga and meditation are powerful tools to move from the external world of validation and answer seeking to the internal world to find resolutions and to change our state of being. So our past thoughts and emotions about our blocks in life that made those very beliefs and perceptions are in fact not true because….we made them up ourselves. So if we made them up and caused ourselves to believe in our limited ability to create the life we desire, then we can change our beliefs and perceptions about our potential to be unlimited because we can practice to change our thoughts and feelings to be DIFFERENT to what we felt before. Therefore we can change our viewpoint from being creative to doing creative work, from being stuck to being unstuck in life, which relates to what Jim Kwik says, it’s not something you have, it’s something you do, and after all, emotion is energy in motion which completely validates that energy flows where intention goes!

We need to remind ourselves consciously that despite any negativity or chaos around us, the more we keep our thoughts aligned with peace, strength and love, the more our emotions flow to create an energy of the same, and no matter what the challenge, we can emerge whole because we deliberately allow our energy to be creative, to be conscious and to be unlimited. So with the healing gifts of Yoga and meditation, we stop looking outside for change, because that will only keep us blocked and living the same stuck existence. We practice Yoga and meditation to look inside for change. This is the doing, it is not about having, it is the practice itself! When we do the inner work, there is only room for expansion and flow.

As Sadhguru said,” First and foremost, is to organize the mind. To organize your emotions, energy and body, once this happens you are in touch with the fundamental life processes within you. Once you are in access of that power, you have the power to create. You have the power to create your life and your surroundings the way you want it. You are a piece of creation; you have the power to become the creator!”

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