The call to creativity.

How do you create when you feel a block to creativity? How do you create when you know in the depths of your being your creativity is a gift, and a gift to be shared?

Creative gifts come in different forms…. Painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, singing, speaking, teaching, innovative ideas and writing. We all have a creative streak within, and with some guidance and nurturing, our creative gift can heal and transform, not just our own lives, but others too.

How do we unleash the block to discovering and revealing the key to our innate creativity? This is something I have been toying with for months on end. I can feel the calling growing stronger and stronger and the profound need to tune into my creativity because the message is clear that my unique creative gift will guide me along a path of deep revelation, expansion, joy, love and abundance.

What has also been clear during this time of inner searching and higher inquiry, is the message to trust…to trust what brings me joy and what fuels my energy to a higher vibration that makes my heart full and my Soul happy. Trusting what you can’t see is a big ask…..especially when old emotional patterns and programming ignite self-doubt and condition you to question your worth. Those negative emotional conforms that force you to believe that if you put your true gifts out there, you will be ridiculed or ignored. Why does it matter what others think?

It only matters if their opinions matter more to you than what you hold dear to your heart and Soul.

Those who choose to ignore, or ridicule are not worth the sadness or the fear because at that point in time for that gift of creation that you have put out there, their energy does not match your energetic vibration and where you are in your journey.

There will be those who will meet you on the level of your energetic vibration and where you are in your life. They will recognize you, they will support you, they will love your gift and either vocally spread the love and appreciation, or will silently cheer you on from the sides. That is what matters. Not the number of likes or number of comments. However few or far in between the ‘applause’ appears, the victory is sharing your gift and knowing you have given it your all. You have shared it from your heart and created from the deepest level of love and gratitude. From that place of creation, you cannot fail, you can only soar and your creativity will shine brighter as more kindred Souls understand and share the authenticity of your gift and truest motive behind it all.

What is my creative gift? I have been told it is my nurturing, calm, loving and knowledgeable way of teaching Yoga, words for which I am truly grateful. I have another passion, and that is writing. Writing from the heart and what speaks to my inner being because I intuitively feel my words can touch others, even if it is just to put a smile on their face for a few moments of joy…that in itself is gift I can provide, and if my creative word can do more…can touch hearts, can inspire, can heal, can provide strength, can re-ignite purpose, then my creativity is not wasted….even if I am never to know the impact of my writing. 

Mother nature’s healing gifts, the love from true tribe friends, and the profound connection to Source within during meditation, has spoken to me in signs, in clues, in vibes to trust the energy that gives me joy, to trust my heart and to create with the love I have to offer, not just in teaching Yoga, but also with words.

So I will embark further on this creative writing journey and allow it to unfold as organically as possible and to trust Spirit that the fruits of my loving creation will be greater than I could ever imagine!

Hari Om Tat Sat.

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