Delve deeper to learn, unblock and balance your chakras to navigate the map of true inner healing and positive life transformation.

πŸ’› Learn about the qualities of each energy center.
πŸ’› Discover what creates blockages in our chakras
πŸ’› Which organs and parts of the physical body are associated with each center
πŸ’› What physical ailments, emotional & psychological issues relate to each disconnected chakra
πŸ’› Reclaim fragmented parts of each center.
πŸ’› Tools and practical exercises to clear, balance and process the inner healing of each center
πŸ’› Reconnect. Restore. Recalibrate. Reclaim your power.

H eal
E volve
A ctivate
L ove

Investment: R 2,997.
Payment options available.

Week 1 dates:
Tuesday 2nd November &
Thursday 4th November
Week 2 to 6:
Tuesdays only.
Week 7: Tuesday 7th December & Thursday 9th December 2021.
Time: 18:00 to 18.30pm

First & last session may be until 20:00pm for opening, sharing and closing of course.

Join me on a journey of discovery, healing, energy medicine and reconnection that is the map for true inner healing and reclaiming your worth!

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