Healing health with plant based supplements!

While battling health issues over the last year and treating with holistic healing modalities, my body has been calling out for certain vitamins and minerals to restore itself back to coherence and immune balance. After doing my own research shopping with various brands I was often left aghast at the price tag for one bottle of 30 capsules that immediately deferred me from buying it. The fact that certain supplements are required on an ongoing basis to provide optimum health and immune support meant that one trial for 30 days wasn’t going to cut it…neither was the price tag! The other factor which left me unresponsive to my body’s calling for various vitamins and minerals, was the issue that most brands do not provide soy or gluten free ingredients besides its already buffer filled mix, leaving very little of the actual vitamin or mineral needed to be properly absorbed within the body . Then, by Divine intervention and serendipitous timing, Mannatech was recommended to me.

Let me give you the facts about Mannatech products:

~ Mannatech products are plant based.

~ Sugar free, Soy free, gluten free, diary free,  MSG free, vegetarian and / or vegan options with different supplements

~ NO artificial colourants or flavours

~ ZERO RISK GUARANTEE – Which means 90 Days full money back guarantee if the product does not work for you – That’s 3 months’ worth of using the product you choose or need and getting all your money back if you are not satisfied!

~ Mannatech is a pioneer in ground breaking patented technology called GLYCONUTRITION which means products provide complete cell to cell communication targeting nourishment for your cells through specialized ingredients that are all plant based. Therefore supplements made from real food to give your body the proper and correct nutrition for optimum immune system functioning.

~ What does cell to cell communication mean? – This happens through glycosylation which is comprised of 8 monosaccharides. All 8 monosaccharides make up a carbohydrate. Every cell wall in our body is made of all 8 monosaccharides in its basic structure – essentially covered by a sugar or carbohydrate.

~ All of these 8 monosaccharides are necessary for our optimum and complete cell to cell communication. ALL PLANTS CONTAIN these simple monosaccharides and Mannatech products are all plant based!

~ Therefore Mannatech products are glyconutrient products.

~ The human body needs ALL 8 monosaccharides for clear and optimal communication between cells for a healthy immune system and optimum health.

~ Most food sources we buy and eat lack all 8 monosaccharides which leads to miscommunication between cells and a compromised immune system which equates to a breakdown in health.

~ Mannatech is the only company in the world that provides proper cell to cell communication known as glyconutrition with their products!

~ Mannatech’s commitment to quality is proven with statistics as follows:

  • Company operating for 25 years since establishing in 1994
  • Mannatech has expanded to over 25 countries internationally
  • Over 117 patents globally
  • 17 Clinical published trials of which 12 are human randomized double blinded published studies, which means they’ve proven that if you take the product properly, you will get results every time
  • US $50 million has been spent on research and product development
  • Their social responsibility mission of M5M – Mission 5 Million – For every product purchased Mannatech makes a donation to the M5M foundation which ensures 5 million malnourished children are given proper nutrition with their real food products.
  • The company has been listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange since 1999

Choosing a vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplement that meets your healing and physiological needs on a regular basis can be a confusing and frustrating experience on the mind and the budget.

There are a number of brands on the market that promise better results and/or quality than counterparts that it’s no wonder the decision to know which one holds integrity in word and result can be difficult to trust.

Believe me, I did my homework and took my time to not only research the products I was advised to take, but also the company itself. After many article reads and YouTube clips later I bought the products of vitamin and minerals that healing treatments diagnosed.  Mannatech’s integrity of natural products using pure ingredients resonates with my body’s innate intelligence, and the range of affordability within the competitive supplement market, meets with my financial budget.

I would not use or recommend a product if I feel it is out of integrity with my body and my conscious. Especially when confronted by the fragility of our wondrous machine that is the gift of our physical body, I need to heed the message to respect its calling for healing support with ingredients that come from our Divine Mother Earth. Food from Gaia to feed the body for proper nutrition and immune health. I choose the wisdom of the earth and the plant based supplements that support its healing medicine!

Feel free to check out the range of products and message me for any further information or inquiries.


Yours in healing wholeness,


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